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  • Home Holiday Decorating Tips To Avoid This Season

    By: Nicole Gates

    With December starting tomorrow, you may begin getting your home ready for the upcoming holiday season. Keep the stress at a minimum by avoiding these holiday decorating tips:

    1. Don’t let your Christmas light become a safety hazard

    Make sure to inspect your lights for loose bulbs and protruding wires. Also make sure to secure lights and use cord covers if you have pets or small children.

    2. Don’t go overboard

    Less is more when it comes to holiday decorations. Keep your decorations simple.

    3. Don’t keep lights on all night

    Outdoor Christmas lights are a great way to spruce up your home for the holidays. However, when you go to bed, make sure to turn them off to keep the environment and your neighbors happy.

    4. Don’t use disposable dishware for holiday dinners

    Now is the perfect time to break out the good china to make your holiday meals even more beautiful.

    5. Don’t limit yourself to red and green

    While they’re the traditional colors, try experimenting with gold, pink and navy to add an extra twist to your holiday décor.

    6. Don’t ignore the powder room

    With all the guests coming to your home, make sure you stock up your bathroom with all necessities. Also add a candle or another festive element to add an extra touch.

    7. Don’t expect perfection

    The holidays are stressful as it is, so don’t add extra pressure to yourself by thinking everything has to be perfect. No matter how much you plan, keep in mind something will go wrong.

    Nov 30 2012