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  • Five Easy Home Organizing Tips

    Stack It Up

    Does your home have a lot of large spaces that don’t have any shelving? For example, a closet that ha a large gap between the top shelf and the ceiling? Take advantage of those spaces by adding some stack modular components; they’re easy to assemble and usually cost less than $20.

    Better It With Baskets

    Buy some decorative baskets and put any small items you have around the house in them. This way you can access it as needed, but you’ll be able to maximize your home’s space.

    Spin It

    Try using Lazy Susans in your home organization plan to allow yourself easy access to items that would normally be stuck in the back of shelves.

    Double Your Hanging Space

    Most closets only have one rod, but if you don’t wear a lot of long dresses or own a lot of long coats, you’re wasting valuable space. Buy a rod that can hang off the one that’s already installed to double your closet space.

    Up and Away

    Take advantage of the space above your kitchen cabinet by putting small items there that you don’t use everyday, such as extra light bulbs and vases.

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    Mar 24 2014