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  • Home Prices Lowest Since 2002

    In a new article by CNNMoney, it's been reported that home prices have hit post-bubble lows and are currently the lowest we've seen them since 2002!

    20 cities recorded a decline of 3.5% from a year ago, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York City. However, while these cities are marking low prices, a few cities that were hardest hit by the housing crisis are beginning to see an uptick in home prices, including Phoenix and Miami.

    With prices this low, there's no question that anybody who has been on the fence about buying a new home should jump on the housing market now. In addition to these low home prices, interest rates are still extremely low and in some areas, it's actually cheaper to own a home than rent!

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    What do you think of these home prices? How long do you think these prices will stay this low?

    Apr 25 2012