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  • Holiday Decor, Creative Selling Approach

    This time of year may increase the amount of home-buyer interest just as much as toy store coupons and department store sales attract holiday shoppers’ interest. The increase is due to tasteful holiday decorations that light up prospective buyers’ eyes. 

    If your home is on the market and you’re looking to sell during or right after the holidays, try to decorate with a warm, elegant theme. The trick is to decorate enough to allow prospective buyers to envision a house they can decorate similarly, but not to over-decorate so much that they can’t imagine themselves living there.

    Here are a couple hints for decorating your home perfectly for prospective buyers:

    Work with what you have.
    Pay close attention to the color, design, layout, and age of your home. Match decorations with the overall ambiance to create a cohesive and flowing feel for the holidays.

    Be mindful of sizes.
    A huge blow-up snowman on a small lawn will look out of place and make the house and landscape seem smaller than it is. Likewise, don’t put large wreaths on small doors, gigantic trees in small rooms etc.

    Lights equal action.
    Setting a pathway of lights up the walkway to the door is a simple yet elegant way to greet visitors and potential buyers. It can give off a preconceived notion of what to expect inside.

    Go Au Natural.
    Natural-looking decorations and color schemes are fashionable. Use a more organic palette with greens, golds and ambers. Make use of natural and creative materials like berries, twigs and acorns.

    Dec 17 2010