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  • Homebuyers' Wish Lists Changing Homes

    If you're currently looking at homes to buy, you must have realized that there are tons of different styled properties out there to fitHousing Trends and Changes your personality and needs. If you want to save the environment, focus on your culinary skills, impress guests or make room for your family (and their computers), home trends are changing quickly to accommodate you!

    Home layouts are getting rid of walls as homeowners seek an openness to their home, getting rid of the traditional "hived-off" room appearance. As rooms disappear, windows grow as large windows become more and more in demand, with homebuyers wanting lots of natural light and a connection to the outdoors.

    Kitchens are getting a makeover as well. Kitchen islands are growing in demand and size in order to accommodate a family or guests, removing the traditional need for a breakfast table in most properties. The islands are also becoming a great place to hold and disguise recycling centers for the eco-friendly homebuyer. Additionally, granite is slowly being replaced with preferences towards quartz and Corian for kitchen countertops.

    Yet, one trend that's still in demand in most homes? Hardwood floors.

    What new trends do you look for when searching for a home? Are there more traditional trends you still seek? Tell us in the comments below!

    Jun 6 2012