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  • The Zen of Homeownership: 25 Skills You Need To Know

    We help people become homeowners each day. Once you get done with finding the right house, getting the appraisal done and qualifying for the perfect home loan, it's smooth sailing from there right? Not necessarily.

    To prevent any additional stress, here are 25 skills you should know in order to survive homeownership:

    1. Fix a Leaky FaucetHomeowner Skills
    2. Move a Fridge By Yourself
    3. Locate a Stud
    4. Deal with a Seized Lock
    5. Check for Termites
    6. Unclog a Sink
    7. Ensure a Lightbulb's Long Life
    8. Remove a Stripped Screw
    9. Avoid Stripping a Screw
    10. Remove the Base of a Broken Light Bulb
    11. Drill Through Tile Without Cracking It
    12. Hardwire a Light Fixture
    13. Pick an Interior Lock
    14. Unstick a Door
    15. Clean Stained Grout
    16. Know Which Breaker to Turn Off
    17. Dry Out a Flooded Basement
    18. Make Friends with New Neighbors
    19. Hang Heavy Objects on Drywall
    20. Use a Fire Extinguisher
    21. Dispose of Leftover Paint
    22. Solder a Copper Pipe
    23. Deal with the Strong Smell of Gas
    24. Secure a Loose Screw
    25. Repair a Doorbell

    For more skills you should know as a homeowner and also information on how to do all of the above, check out the full article on This Old House.

    Which skill did we miss? What skill has come in the most handy as a homeowner? Tell us below!

    Jun 13 2012