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  • How Much Should Home Remodeling Cost?

    How Much Should Home Remodeling CostMany homeowners decide to remodel their homes in hopes of enticing more buyers and possibly getting a higher price for their home. However, how much should you spend on your home remodeling for it to be worthwhile?

    While the cost may vary depending on your finances and home, it's more about what type of remodeling will get you the most bang for your buck? If you put $1000 into your living room, while choosing to ignore your small bathroom, you're not going to see a huge number change of interested buyers.

    The best rooms to remodel to see an increase in interested buyers is the bathroom and kitchen. New cooking spaces and cabinets are a huge trigger for potential buyers, and could potentially lead to more people bidding on your home.

    Also, try making use of any space you have that's not being used. Is there a linen closet near your bathroom that you could live without? Consider expanding your bathroom into that space for a cheap way to increase your home's space, without having to build onto your home.

    What other home remodeling tips do you know or follow? What's the most you've ever spent on remodeling your home?

    Feb 18 2014