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  • How To Take Advantage of Today’s Real Estate Market

    Benefit From Housing MarketIn our daily blogs, we’ve been over and over how great the real estate market is for purchasing a home: such low rates, so many homes for sale and such low prices! It’s almost like a candy shop for potential buyers. But the economy is still slowly recovering, so how do you benefit from this type of market? Here are three ways:

    1. RENT
    Because of the past economy, the rental market has sky rocketed, making rental homes in high demand. Consider buying an affordable foreclosure and rent it out to a good family for some extra income.
    2. FLIP
    There is still room for flippers in today’s market. The key to being a successful house flipper is the buying price and knowing how much the repairs will cost upfront. Don’t underestimate!
    3. OWN
    Then there’s the typical way to benefit from today’s market – simply owning your own home. Always a beneficial investment, if you have the income or savings for a down payment, buying a home now is the best time!

    Jan 13 2012