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  • How To Choose The Right Home For Your Family

    Picking out a home when you’re single, or even a couple, can be fairly simple. However, factor in two kids and the process becomes a bit more complicated. While there are many parameters you need to consider and many pitfalls you need to avoid, there are some easy tips to help you keep your head and lose the stress of buying a new family home

    1. Talk

    Keeping the communication channels when deciding this big life changing event is key! If you’ve been thinking about this move alone, first thing you should do is talk to your partner. Also, don’t forget to include the kids’ in the discussion too.

    2. List

    Looking for a home is the most fun, but it is also a serious activity. Make a shortlist of areas you consider to be appropriate and also a pricelist. Get a real estate agent to help you narrow down your results and ask your children which of the houses is their favorite, so you can plan to visit those first.

    3. Look

    It’s best to have about five or six houses for your first days’ viewing, so try to leave a whole day free for this event. Look over each house carefully and you should get a nice feeling when you find the best one. Ask your partner and children their thoughts on each viewing, making sure to take note of their response.

    4. Factors

    If you start to favor a particular house, you can see how the place scores on the following:

    •             Is it near to a decent school?
    •             How far is it from town?
    •             Is it close to your places of work?
    •             How about local amenities and a bus route?


    If you tick all of these boxes and feel comfortable about your future home, then you should proceed and look forward to many happy years together in your new home! 

    May 17 2013