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  • How to Decorate Your First Place

    By Ty Pennington

    When you move into a new home, emotions and ideas are flying high, especially if it’s your first. New home owners always ask me how to make their place reflect their personality, yet still look cohesive and comfortable. So today I wanted to share some tips to make decorating your first place a whole lot easier and fun…

    1. Start with the essentials
    Don’t buy everything at once. Think about how you use a room. Decorative items are fun to buy but you can’t sit on that cool new painting when you’re watching TV. So buy the absolute essentials first and let the personality pieces come later. Think couch, kitchen table, chairs, bed, etc.

    Once you have that established you can splurge a little bit on rooms where you spend a lot of time in. For instance, if we’re talking about a family room or a bedroom, then you’ll want to splurge on the pieces you use most: the sofa in a family room, or the bed in the bedroom. As time goes by, you’ll spy great things to add to bring out the room’s style.

    2. Do your homework
    As easy at is to walk into a store and go crazy, it’s much smarter to research prices on what you need and then strategically purchase. Make sure you check out local papers and find garage sales- that’s where you’ll find the real steals. Insider tip: antique and interior store vendors go to garage sales and estate sales to pick up great items and then mark them up for the public. So hit the garage sales and you’ll walk away with the best prices and most unique items.

    3. Embrace the mix and match
    Don’t feel limited to one or two styles. Instead, go with what you like and try to tie it together in subtle ways, like a corresponding color palette. An eclectic space will look very cool, so don’t be afraid to pair hand-me-downs and antiques with modern pieces for an interesting look. Here are some examples of eclectic style done well: 

    Decorating Your First Home

    Tips For Decorating Your First Home

    Tips For Decorating Your First Home

    Lastly, don’t forget that decorating your new home will take time. As you accumulate personality pieces to add into your design, your home will become more and more comfortable and true to you and your family.

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    Photo Source: Emily Henderson, Anne Sage

    Jan 9 2014