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  • How To Host An Awesome Super Bowl Party At Your Home

    By: Nicole Gates

    The Super Bowl is a great excuse to hang out with friends, enjoy some good food and have a great time. We rounded up some useful tips for throwing the ultimate Super Bowl party for you, in case you’re hosting the event at your house this year.

     Super Bowl Party

    The Grub

    Guests don’t want to be bothered with forks when they’re busy watching TV and holding a beer. Set out easy snacks, like chips and dip, to eat when the entourage arrives. Then keep your main course simple and handheld, like wings, pizza, or ribs.

    The Experience

    Nothing’s better than watching your favorite players (and commercials!) in high-def glory. Use the game/party as an excuse to treat yourself to a new toy or two to make the experience even better for you and your friends.

    The People

    Super Bowl parties shouldn’t be formal, so don’t limit your guest list. Invite anyone who’s remotely interested in football, free food, or free-flowing booze to make sure your party is a rowdy good time.

    The Drinks

    Beer and football is definitely one of the greatest pairings of all time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some flair to your bash with a signature cocktail. Try one of our Drinks of the Month from our Enjoy Magazine to get some drink-spiration!

    The Décor

    Like your menu, the décor should be simple. Move furniture closer to the TV, throw pillows on the floor for extra seating and grab chairs from the dining room. And don’t forget to stash away any valuables in case of overzealous cheering.


    Jan 31 2014