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  • How To Make Your Home Feel Like a Resort in 18 Ways

    Everyone knows when you're on vacation, you feel more relaxed, sleep better and always enjoy yourself. But why just save that time for vacation?

    Here are a few quick ways to turn your home into a stay-cation so you can feel more relaxed at your own home and fully take advantage of the warm summer months!How To Make Your Home Feel Like a Resort

    1. Hang a Hammock
    2. Hang a Tree Swing
    3. Hang a Porch Swing
    4. Eat/Cook Outside
    5. Have an Outdoor Bar
    6. Dig a Fire Pit
    7. Upgrade Your Patio Furniture
    8. Rejuvenate Your Deck
    9. Keep Your Pool Looking Great
    10. Grow a Colorful Garden
    11. Install an Outdoor Water Fountain
    12. Dig a Small Pond
    13. Install a Screen Door
    14. Turn a Porch into an Outdoor Room
    15. Host an Outdoor Party
    16. Make an Outdoor Reading Space
    17. Install a Ceiling Fan Inside
    18. Create a Zen-Like Bedroom and Bathroom

    For more tips on how to turn your home into your dream vacation spot, go here.

    Do you have any small home projects that help make your home feel more like a vacation home?

    Jun 26 2012