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  • How To Shop For a Mortgage

    Buying a new home can be tricky at times. But finding the right mortgage to help you buy your dream home can be even trickier! In a recent article in our Resources section, we cover the most responsible ways to shop for a mortgage lender, mortgage professional, reasonable fees and competitive mortgage rates.

    When shopping for a mortgage, you should always keep the following in consideration:

    • Knowledgeable Mortgage Professional: make sure you do business with someone who is experienced, responsive and a good communicator.
    • Lender: Some larger institutions have access to better rates – understand that better rates will come from industry heavy hitters.
    • Fees: Fees vary by lender and will be charged to you close to your loan.
    • Rate: Once you narrowed down your choices, call your professionals and get the most suitable program at the best rate.

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    Mar 25 2013