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  • Pretty & Practical Kitchen Design Tips

    By: Ty Pennington

    I love entertaining and cooking for my friends and family, so the kitchen is one area in my home that needs to have flow and flair. Some design solutions require a bit of work and others just need a little creativity.

    Keep reading for a few of my quick design tips to upgrade your kitchen space.

    Knock down and open up

    Being filled with storage, cabinets and appliances can make your kitchen space seem a bit cramped. Consider adding flow into adjacent dining rooms by knocking down, if possible.

    Define a focal point

    Similar to your entryway [ink] and pretty much every room in your house, your kitchen should have a focal point. Something visually interesting that attracts the eye the moment you enter the room. Some great and “out of the box” focal points for the kitchen can be a dramatic tiled backsplash, a stainless steel range hood, or a creative and complimentary piece of art. 

    Create contrast

    However you’re going to do it, just be sure to offer a contrast in your kitchen design. You can do this with the cabinets and appliances, flooring and textiles, ceramics [link] and countertops. Creating a contrast will help brighten up your space and add some clean dimensions.

    Be smart about storage

    It’s always nice to have slide-out pantry drawers and an appliance garage; these innovations in design have serious potential to maximize your space! But you can also get creative with custom shelving, hanging your pots/pans above your countertop space, or utilizing “awkward kitchen space” [link] to your advantage.


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    Photo Sources: Chicago Tribune, Houzz

    Apr 10 2014