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  • You're Purchasing a Home, Not a House

    At Guaranteed Rate, we write a lot of content how statistically, it’s a perfect time to purchase a house right now with low prices and even lower rates. However, there are many more benefits to purchasing a house than getting a good deal. You’re buying a home and with that there’s a huge sentimental attachment to consider.

    Owning your own home lets you have a place to let your family grow. A home can be your family’s essential “roots”. Most purchase a home when they are beginning to start a family or when their current home is too small for their growing children. A home is where your memories will take place. It gives you room to be a family and room to entertain friends. Holidays will be held at your new home along with your annual Friday night game night with friends. Your son will take his first steps in the living room. Your daughter will be practicing her clarinet for her first recital in the dining room.

    It’s the little memories like these that make your house a home.

    So when considering if you should buy a home, don’t only look at rates and house prices; think of the emotional gains you’ll receive through homeownership. Consider finding a dream place to allow your family to plant their roots and grow.

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    Nov 16 2012