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  • Real Holiday Movie Homes

    The holiday season is usually associated with family and home. So it’s no wonder that when it comes to some of our favorite holiday movies, the homes are just as memorable as the movies. While some of these homes were created by Hollywood, there are a few that are real. Here’s a list of real holiday movie homes and where you can still find them:

    1. Miracle on 34th Street
    Port Washington, NY
    This actual home was the dream home of little Susan Walker that Santa helped her find at the end of the original Miracle on 34th Street.
    2. Home Alone
    Winnetka, IL
    The home that Kevin famously defended from burglars in the popular movie Home Alone is currently for sale in Winnetka for $1.95 million.
    3. Elf
    New York, NY
    Buddy the Elf found himself in some prime real estate in NYC when trying to reconnect with his biological father. The apartment was recently on the market for $2.895 million.
    4. A Christmas Story
    Cleveland, OH
    This is the only holiday movie home that is now a museum for tourists. While most of the inside scenes were created on a set, the owner turned the inside to look exactly as it appears in the movie. This museum attracts 30-35,000 tourists a year.
    5. It’s a Wonderful Life
    Flintridge, CA
    This house only appears once during the movie when given to the Martini family. All the other houses in the movie were show in a soundstage.

    Which holiday movie home do you remember the most?


    Dec 21 2012