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  • Relocating in 2012? Tips to Make It Easy

    RelocatingMaybe you got the job of your dreams, or maybe you’re just looking for something new, but either way, you’re suddenly faced with the daunting task of picking up your life and relocating it to a new state. How do you know which areas are family friendly in your new town? Do they have movie theaters nearby? How do you know if your furniture will fit in a house in another state?

    First thing is first: no matter how much help you’re receiving during your relocation process, you cannot research the new location enough! Check moving expenses, school district reputations and neighborhood descriptions. Read local papers and websites, watch local news programs if you can and ask around to see if anyone you know has lived in the area. Find out where restaurants, hospitals, movie theaters, etc. are located in relation to the neighborhood you’re looking to move to. Research what home prices look like in the area, along with the mortgage industry, as they vary per area. Finding a realtor before moving could also be beneficial, as they’ll ask the questions that you need answered before you make the move.

    Once research exhaustion hits you, plan a visit. You have an idea of what’s in store for you at your new location, but you’ll never be sure until you’re physically there. This is when you start your house hunting, scheduling visits with your realtor. Make sure you have the measurements of the furniture you’ll be moving with, so you can see what fits and how everything will be arranged. If you have children, try to schedule visits to schools in the area.

    After the visit and extensive research, you may be at the point of just wanting the move over with. However, do not feel pressured into purchasing a permanent house if you didn’t find one that fits your needs yet. There are many rental agencies that offer month-to-month housing while you work with your realtor to find the perfect home.

    Plan to move a few days before your first day of work, so you have to time to become settled. Make sure you ship a box of essentials ahead of time, so you can survive in your new abode until the rest of your possessions get shipped (i.e. air mattress, a few clothes, etc.). Also, arrange to have the utilities turned on the day after you arrive. Nothing is worse than unpacking by candlelight. Lastly, cancel your services at your current residence and be sure to change any necessary documents for your residency in the new state. As you do start to move, keep all important papers and documents with you; never ship them with the rest of your things. It’s easy to replace a lost lamp, but it’s not easy to replace a lost birth certificate.

    Once you finally arrive and unpack, introduce yourself to your neighbors and enjoy your new home!

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    Dec 27 2011