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  • Six Key Negotiation Traits Every Realtor Needs

    By: Nicole Gates

    Negotiations can be a tricky, but highly valuable talent to have. As a realtor, you need to make sure your negotiation skills are spot on! The following six traits will solidify your place as a super negotiator in the real estate industry!

    1. Know Your Value
    If you're going into a negotiation, make sure you know what your offer is going to be and how this position will benefitSix Key Negotiation Traits Realtors Need the other party, as well as yours.

    2. Get Everyone In On Your Vision
    This ties into the first key, but it is essential that you make sure you convey your vision of the negotiations outcome to the other party so that they too desire it.

    3. Develop Personal Relationships
    You should be able to manage your relationships with all members that are involved in the transaction. This will help everyone feel like they have benefited from the deal and will help them desire the same outcome you and your client want.

    4. Be Humble
    Come off as humble, but remain firm during negotiations.

    5. Have Finesse
    In order to be humble, but firm, you need to have some finesse during the negotiations. This can be achieved by being able to problem solve and explore different angles, finding creative solutions for any problems that may arise.

    6. But Still Have Swagger
    Having a commanding and authoritative disposition without coming off as arrogant is what we mean by swagger. This attitude and demeanor can only come from solidifying your finesse.

    Oct 26 2012