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  • 5 Ways To Spoil a Home Description

    If you’re selling your home, you know how important the description of your home is to help it sell quickly and at the right price. But if you use the wrong terms or approach, you may be wondering why your home is sitting on the market for a long time or attracting the wrong buyers.

    Here are five things you may not know that can actually ruin your home description and your chances of selling your home:

    1. No PhotosSpoiled Home Description
    This may seem like a no brainer, but not including photos with your home description make buyers wary of your property, assuming that you’re hiding something. You should try to include at least a dozen photos, or at least enough photos that convey a good sense of the property, ensuring buyers that your description is accurate.
    2. Lack of Transaction Details
    If your home is a distressed property, you should be as upfront about the details as possible. Buyers have had their fair share of bad experiences with distressed properties and may be wary of one that isn’t revealing everything about it.
    3. Hyperbole
    Creativity in a home description is key to helping your property stand out. But if you use outlandish and hyperbolic claims in the description, you may turn off buyers when the property doesn’t live up to their expectations. Instead of using terms like “the best”, focus on adjective that are flattering, but still leave room for other opinions.
    4. Price Too Good To Be True
    It’s a good tactic to put up a low price in order to entice buyers, but if you go too low, this tactic could backfire on you. You may find that you attract unqualified buyers, resulting in your house not even selling at all.
    5. The Flipper
    Buyers are always wary of “the flipper”. While you may think phrases like “newly remodled” and “recently updated” would be a good move, they may actually come off as red flags for buyers. Highlight the specific improvements instead without making your home seem like a flip.

    Jul 12 2012