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  • Spooky Savings Suggestions

    The air is getting colder and the leaves have changed colors. As the end of October nears, we all have Halloween on the mind. But with costume and candy prices sky rocketing as the day approaches, you may wonder how you cannot spend a terrifying amount for a fun holiday. Well, we’ve got a few tricks and treats to help you save a spooky amount!

    When thinking about you and your children’s costumes, you may be browsing the retail shops and finding prices ranging up to $50 for kid costumes and $100 for adults. $150 or more for a fun stroll through your neighborhood so your kids can get some candy?! Well it doesn’t have to be. Venture away from the popular Halloween stores and search through thrift stores. Check out the dollar store that usually has all the accessories your little goblin needs for – you guessed it – a dollar.

    Same goes for candy. Retail stores will have plenty of options, but you’ll also be seeing plenty of your money leaving your wallet. Go to the dollar store for fresh candy that is simple and all will enjoy, including your bank account.

    In addition, the latest trend for Halloween seems to be throwing large parties instead of wandering down the streets in search of sweets. This is especially popular for people who have large acres of land in between them and their nearest neighborhood. But those parties can really add up. Instead of taking on the task yourself, work with other parents who are planning on attending. Designate a part of the party to each parent; one person brings a cake while another brings piñata. Taking on only one task is a lot less stressful and more economical. Now you can enjoy fully your Halloween!

    Oct 17 2011