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  • Spring Cleaning Tips for the Homeowner

    A Seasonal Transition:

    March 10, 2010 - In a little less than two weeks, spring will have officially arrived and with the change of the season, there are several things to be done before you can fully enjoy the warmer weather. While spring cleaning can seem like a cliché, it's immensely important when it comes to maintaining the condition of your home. Within the next few weeks, take some time to give the attention your home deserves and consider these few tips when it comes to getting things clean and organized!

    Clean Out the Garage

    Everyone knows that the garage can quickly turn into a junk pile if you're not careful. In addition to landscaping tools and any hardware you may own, this room may house everything from your child's toys to your recycle bins. Take the time to sweep out excess grime, set up proper trash/recycling stations and consider buying an organizational unit to store several of your household trinkets.

    Store Your Seasonal Items

    Take the opportunity to pack up all your winter clothes, while either donating or throwing away those you no longer wear. There's no need for you to hold onto items you haven't touched in a year.

    Freshen Up Your Outdoor Space

    If you have a porch, make sure that clean the ceilings and walls to eliminate any dust or cobwebs that may have accumulated over the winter. Inspect your light fixtures, wash any outdoor furniture and make sure you check for any needed repairs on items that may have gotten worn last season. Also, consider re-staining your deck; it's a great way to brighten up your backyard with minimal summer upkeep.

    Wash Indoor and Outdoor Windows

    More than likely, the winter brought some points of heavy precipitation. Erase those water marks by thoroughly cleaning your windows at the start of the season. Make sure you wipe down the window draperies too, regardless of whether you have blinds or curtains.

    Tidy Up the Floors

    Protect the floors in your kitchen from further wear and tear by either applying a sealer or by waxing. If you have carpeting in your home, you can either rent a cleaner or hire a professional to come and steam clean them for you.


    Mar 10 2010