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  • The Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

    By: Nicole Gates

    Owning a home comes with many benefits. From being able to paint your walls any color you want, to finally having your own big backyard for your kids to play in, the benefits sure seem endless! But did you know you can also receive tax benefits, just from owning a home?

    In one our newest articles, our team of experts discuss exactly how to make heads or tails of what is and isn’t deductible about homeownership when completing your taxes. From mortgage interest to property taxes, there’s a long list of things you could be missing out on when it comes to getting a better tax refund come April!

    Check out all the tax benefits you could be getting from homeownership here.

    Have any questions about what’s tax deductible when owning a home? Ask us in the comments below! 

    Feb 3 2014