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  • Thanksgiving Indoor Decoration Ideas

    By: Nicole Gates

    Warm up the ovens and loosen up your pants – Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner! To help get you and your home ready for the festivities, we’re sharing some easy and effective home decorating ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.Thanksgiving Decorations

    1. Use natural elements and easy-to-find supplies to ensure a beautiful seasonal display.
    2. Think of ways to use fruit, gourds, candles, flowers and/or leaves in your centerpieces to wow your guests.
    3. Mark each table spot with an easy Thanksgiving place card, ensuring that your control the seating arrangement this holiday.
    4. Gather Thanksgiving decorating inspiration from Pinterest to help you think outside the box!
    5. Don’t be afraid to personalize your decorating ideas to fit your style and skill level.

    For more Thanksgiving decorating ideas, check out the full article at Better Homes and Gardens.

    Tell us: how do you make your home special for Thanksgiving? 

    Nov 22 2013