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  • The Media is Raving About the Digital Mortgage

    Guaranteed Rate launched the world's first digital mortgage in June and is psyched to see the media's positive response!

    Over 100 news outlets announced the company's latest innovation and encouraged people to try a mortgage process that is simple, easy to use and takes 25 minutes or less. Several notable journalists reviewed the Digital Mortgage and were thrilled with what they saw. Take a look at their reviews.

    "[Guaranteed Rate's] innovation combines the engagement of technology with human contact to benefit consumers..."- Huffington Post

    “Mortgages could be the next major step in a steady progression of financial tasks handled online.”- AZ Central

    “The website is consumer friendly and allows even first-time home buyers to get pre-approvals before shopping –or quickly submit documents for a loan.”- Chicago Tribune

    “If you have access to the Internet and a cheap scanner, that’s all you need.”- USA Today

    The Digital Mortgage makes the entire process transparent, easy to understand and stress-free. Guaranteed Rate, the innovators behind the World's First Digital Mortgage.  

    Get approved today and start shopping.


    Aug 13 2015