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  • The Secret Time to Buy a Car

    There are many various tips on when is the best time to find a deal on a car. One of the most popular, but most debated is rain. Some believe it’s the best time to look for a car in the rain, since most people won’t, thus salesmen will be desperate for a sale and offer you a lower price on the car. However, others believe you’ll be the one that looks desperate, so desperate you’re searching for a car in the rain, resulting in the salesmen hiking the price higher. Well you shouldn’t rely on weather to help you get a deal on a car, but there are a few tricks that could help.

    Most people have time to shop during the weekends, making the job easier on salesmen and harder on the buyer to score a deal. If you don’t want to compete other buyers, try shopping around on the weekdays when salesmen don’t have much to pick from and more likely to consider a lower bid.

    Also try to go towards the end of the month or the end of a quarter when dealers are trying to make their quotas. The number of cars a dealer sells each month or quarter determines the number and type of cars the dealer gets for the following month. So if the dealer is below their monthly quota, they might forgo the car price to make the sale.

    And of course, a good time to buy a car is always towards the end of a model year or calendar year. This is similar to what happens at the end of each month, but since most buyers want the latest car model, dealers need to get rid of the previous year’s model to get a delivery of the new one from the manufacturer. To make the older model seem more appealing, they’ll lower the price and offer multiple deals to get it off their lot, which you can take advantage of, not only at the end of the year, but anytime after, as long as the dealer still has old models available.

    As with all goods, it’s a matter of supply and demand. So do some research before searching for a good deal. If a model is a hot commodity, you’ll have a harder time negotiating the price down no matter what time of the week or year.

    Oct 18 2011