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  • The Sandwich King Reigns over All!

    Congratulations to Jeff Mauro, who on Sunday night was crowned the Food Network Star and will now be the host of his very own cooking show! After 10 challenging episodes, Jeff’s personality, sandwiches and hard work put him above Susie and Vic “Vegas”, officially crowning him Food Network king!

    Jeff has been making and inventing sandwiches for a long time. From pressing new creations daily for Guaranteed Rate employees, to putting his mom’s home cooked meals between two slices of bread as a kid; Jeff has always had a love affair with the meat, cheese and bread combo.

    Impressing the judges from the beginning, Jeff had a clear POV, easy-going personality and ease in front of the camera that couldn’t be matched. His third attempt at getting a cooking show, Jeff turned to reality television as a solution to make his dream an actuality. Proving a successful route, we can now watch him live his dream on Food Network, as Jeff continues to impress viewers with humor and tasty, creative sandwiches on Sunday nights.

    Congratulations Jeff – you’re officially the Sandwich King of the World!

    Aug 15 2011