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  • 10 Tips For A Successful Home Inspection

    Home Inspection TipsWhether you’re selling or buying a home, the home inspection is a crucial part to your purchase decision. If the home inspection is marked up with a long laundry list of small defects, it can make the closing process harder than it needs to be. Here are ten small things you can do to make your home inspection go as smoothly as possible:

    1. Check your smoke alarms. They should be installed within 12” of the ceiling in each bedroom and common rooms on each floor of the home. Make sure they all work correctly.
    2. Check your carbon monoxide detectors. These should be the same as your smoke detectors.
    3. Check and fix any leaky plumbing, like faucets.
    4. Make sure any pets you own are absent during the inspection.
    5. Clear any clutter in your home. The home inspector needs to see the foundation walls from inside, the roof structure from the attic, plumbing, heating, cooling and hot water tanks, electrical panel and pipes. If any of these are blocked, the inspector can’t inspect them.
    6. Check if your town has any special requirements for selling a home, such as sump pump inspections, radio-link, etc. Make these your top priorities to complete.
    7. Check your gutters and divert as much of the run off as possible from the foundation.
    8. Trim any tree limbs that are hanging over the roof to prevent any accidents.
    9. Check your painted exterior trim areas, such as your windows and doors. Repaint them if needed.
    10. Replace your furnace filter if its more than 90 days old or looks dirty.

    Aug 1 2012