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  • 12 Things That Every Couple Should Have In Their Home

    Moving in together can be fun, but stressful when trying to meld both your tastes into your new home. Here are 12 things you should try to include in your home to keep it trendy and cozy so that both of you feel at home!

    1. Interesting Wall Art: white walls don’t have to be boring. Colorful DIY art can add some excitement to your wall.
    2. Inviting Entryway: a wall painted in a bold color can make a stylish statement when guests enter your home.
    3. Excellent Storage: storage doubles as décor when you stack colorful objects in an affordable bookshelf.
    4. Statement Piece (or Two): show off your sense of style with an unusual piece, such as a dining room chandelier.
    5. Well-Organized Kitchen: with everything in its place, all your kitchen tasks will be much easier.
    6. An Eating Space You Love: the ideal space will let you share intimate meals together, as well as entertain a crowd.
    7. Inspiring Work Space: whether it’s a tiny nook or an entire room, this area should be beautiful and not cluttered.
    8. Place To Unwind: create a serene living space that reflects your personal style, plus lots of comfortable couches and chairs.
    9. Cozy, Clutter-Free Bedroom: it’s hard to have sweet dreams in a messy, chaotic room. Add plush pillows and a soft rug to make it extra cozy.
    10. Tidy Closet: come up with an organizational system for your closet and stick to it. It will make it much easier for both of you to get out the door in the morning.
    11. Bathroom with Character: add personality to this oft-visited room with an antique chair and framed artwork.
    12. Outdoor Space: a private place where you can go and enjoy a little sunshine is invaluable. If you don’t have a backyard, look for a place with a terrace or balcony.

    What are the things you think couples should have when first moving into a new home? 

    Jan 8 2013