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  • What Housing Trends Happened In 2013

    “In 2012, we saw the housing market recover,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist of the National Association of Realtors. “In 2013, we saw the recovery accelerate a lot faster than we anticipated, which was great for sellers and for the 75 million homeowners who saw their home values appreciate.” A recent article by MSN Real Estate, broke down exactly what happened in the housing market in 2013:

    1. Housing prices rose faster than expected
    2. Mortgage rates rose, but remained low
    3. Bidding wars returned
    4. Housing affordability remained high
    5. All-case buyers continued to be a strong market segment
    6. Mobile apps accelerated connections between buyers, sellers and Realtors
    7. Rising rents and pent-up demand pulled more first-time buyers into the market

    See the full article on 2013 Housing Trends on MSN here. 

    Dec 23 2013