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  • What Is The Biggest Benefit For Buying A Home?

    By: Nicole Gates

    When thinking about buying a new home, there are many benefits that might come to mind. But what’s the biggest benefit? Well that depends on you and your situation. Here are a few intangible benefits related to home ownership:

    Financial Benefits

    1. Tax Deduction
    2. Home Appreciation
    3. Housing Payment Stability
    4. It’s Cheaper to Own Than Rent!

    Family and Social Benefits

    1. Kids are more likely to remain in school
    2. Children lead healthier lives
    3. Children perform better in school
    4. Lower teen delinquencies
    5. Greater civic participation in local communities
    6. Less likely to become crime victims

    Which of these benefits is your biggest reason for buying a home? 

    Aug 14 2013