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  • What Type of Home Mortgage Refinance Is Right For You?

    When researching the best type of refinance for your mortgage needs its best to understand the details of your options as well as your financial needs and goals. Prior to engaging in a home refinance, you should be clear about your financial goals. Ask yourself the following questions:


    -       Would you like a lower rate?

    -       Would you like to trade your adjustable rate for a fixed?

    -       Do you need to tap into your equity?

    -       Do you plan on purchasing a property in cash but would like most of the cash back?

    -       Does your business partner want to sell his/her half of the property?


    Once you’ve answered the above questions, it’s appropriate to look at what each refinance has to offer. Check out details of each refinancing type available here, then contact your loan officer to get started.

    PS: If you’re wondering if refinancing is right for you, check out our free e-book “Time to Refinance Your Mortgage: the Five Most Important Questions to Answer”. 

    Nov 18 2013