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  • Why the Internet Can't Replace a Real Estate Agent

    By: Nicole Gates

    No one can deny that the internet hasn't changed the housing market. With websites like Tulia, Zillow, HomeFinder and many others, it's much easier for potential homebuyers to search and find their dream homes. However, many wonder – can it replace a real estate agent?

    The answer is no.

    During a study by, it was discovered that 47% of respondents were in the market for a home, but had not yet sought help from an agent. That number shows that, while the internet is a simple and accessible tool for homebuyers, it still is not enough to replace the skills and expertise of a good real estate agent.

    A real estate agent understands not only the market, but the neighborhood that your potential home is in. Their negotiation skills and experience with multiple transactions are reasons enough to want them on your side – whether it's your first or tenth home purchase.

    If you're one of the homebuyers who haven't yet sought the help of a real estate agent, check out our exclusive database of agents across the country that are ready to help you.

    Jan 16 2014