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Pat Lavell, Vice President of Mortgage Lending, NY - New York Lexington

Pat Lavell

Vice President of Mortgage Lending
NMLS ID # 179233


Phone: (212) 318-9482

Cell: (585) 233-3005

Fax: (773) 328-6534

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  • Co-op Financing
  • Guaranteed Rate offers a great combination of rates, lenders and mortgage products to suit the needs of most of the co-op market. We offer everything from conventional mortgage financing to Interest Only Jumbos to Super Jumbo products. Here is a sample of our current mortgage products.
  • Conventional Mortgage
  • Investment Co-op
  • Pied-a-terre Co-op
  • Interest Only
  • Super Jumbo
  • 2nd Home
  • 4 Unit co-op
  • For additional information on these products, or for current rates for your transaction, please call me at (212) 318-9482. Or you can simply hit the GREEN “Apply Now” button, fill in your information and I would be happy to contact you.
  • About Pat
  • Patrick Lavell has been in the mortgage industry for over 25 years. Pat began his career in Boston as a loan officer and he was eventually relocated to Hingham, MA, and subsequently Rochester, NY as a Regional Manager for Fleet Bank. In 1998, Pat started Liberty Home Funding and successfully ran this company for 16 years, with branches in Pittsford, NY, Haverford, PA, Walton, NY, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ and Manhattan.
  • Pat’s focus over the years evolved from single family lending in Rochester, NY to the financing for co-op apartments in NYC. As a result, in each of the last 12 years Pat’s book of business has been more than 75% co-op transactions! Pat and his team’s experience in this area helps buyers and realtors navigate through a process that can be complex, paper intensive and nerve racking. In fact, Pat’s expertise in this area is recognized enough that he has been a repeat speaker at the NYC Finance Expo.
  • Owning a co-op is unlike owning any other type of housing. Unlike a condo where you own the individual apartment, with a co-op you will own shares in a co-operative corporation (the co-op). As a result, the financing for a co-op is also unique and requires a level of expertise unlike any other type of mortgage. Combining the rates, customer service from Guaranteed Rate, along with Pat’s knowledge of the intricacies of lending on co-ops, should help your transaction go smoothly.

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