10 things only new homeowners understand

The few, the proud, the homeowners. Congrats on swapping the renter’s life for a beautiful home to call your own! Now that you’re part of this elite club, you’ve started to see the world a little differently. Here are 10 things only new homeowners understand:

1. You clean with a vengeance.

At your old apartment, you let the dust settle and the dishes pile up. But now that you’ve moved in to a spotless new home, you’re not about to let things slide. From sweeping floors and wiping down countertops to scrubbing the bathroom sink, cleaning has new meaning when it takes place in the friendly confines of your abode.

2. You buy new stuff with every paycheck.

Now that you’ve moved in, it’s time to turn your house into a home. You’ve put down your roots and now it’s time to invest in new furniture, appliances and other essentials. But don’t shop irresponsibly! With a dash of patience and a dollop of frugal living, you’ll be able to afford that cozy couch before you know it.

But even though you’ve been shopping up a storm, that spare room remains as empty as the day you moved in. With so many other rooms to furnish, furniture and decoration for your extra room takes a backseat. Remember, you own this home and you can take your time to furnish it.

3. Your home, your rules. 

Your home is your stomping ground and your responsibility. You paid a pretty penny for it and you’d prefer not to deal with muddy shoeprints on the carpet or fingerprint smudges all over the windows. It’s also super common to have a shoes-off policy! And, your guests better remember the coasters—no one wants to deal with coffee table ring stains.

4. Hosting parties becomes more stressful.

Your apartment was full of IKEA furniture and secondhand store decor. A spill here and a broken wineglass there were not the end of the world. But now that you’re starting to stock your new pad with high-quality furniture and appliances, you’re on the alert and ready to grab the paper towels at a moment’s notice.

5. You learn to be handy.

No more landlord means no more 24/7 repair solution. From turning off the water to changing the furnace filter and unclogging the shower drain, you’ve learned to either roll up your sleeves or call in a contractor for an expensive fix. You’ve also learned the importance of a spare key—getting locked out and footing a $400 locksmith bill can put a serious damper on your day.

6. Your gift list changes. 

You used to ask for stylish shoes, restaurant gift cards and the hottest electronics. Now, your birthday and holiday wish lists are full of practical appliances and home décor. Let’s be real—a shiny new blender is just as exciting as the latest Xbox game.

7. Catalogs are a wonderland of inspiration. 

You used to throw out those glossy Pottery Barn catalogs and idly skim Pinterest pins. But now that those sparse rooms and empty walls need furnishing, you scrutinize and bookmark every resource you can find for interior design ideas. You never know when or where inspiration will strike!

8. Your home is your ambassador. 

The condition of a property speaks volumes about its owner. No one wants to be associated with the neighborhood eyesore. You pay close attention to your neighbors and use their outdoor activity as motivation. Is the couple next door paving their driveway? Time to start a new project! Has the family across the street been neglecting their lawn and garden? Sit back and relax—your place is looking pristine.

9. Stacks on stacks of paperwork.

The typical home-buying process includes brochures, pamphlets, bank statements, approval forms, sales contracts, title insurance, the survey reports, approval letters, home insurance, contracts and the deed to your new home. So much hassle, so many dead trees.

On the other hand, Guaranteed Rate is committed to a streamlined home-buying process that includes the World’s First Digital Mortgage. No need to print, scan and fax when you can apply for a mortgage and submit important documents on your phone or computer. Guaranteed Rate helps you cut down on that stack of home-buying papers and keeps your files organized and secure.

10. You feel on top of the world. 

As a homeowner, you’re truly living out the American dream. Has it sunk in yet? The bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen—it’s all yours. Your wallet is lighter and your stomach may have bottomed out after handing over that down payment check, but your heart is full and you’re soaking in that sweet feeling of success. You’ve just completed life’s biggest purchase. You officially own a home.

Your mortgage. Your way.

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