20 Affordable Places to Spend Your Golden Years

You don’t have to spend a fortune to retire- you just need to know the right cities to look. Guaranteed Rate has gathered rankings from Retirement Ranger to gather the top 20 best places for you to move. These rankings are based on housing price being lower than $200,000 ($180,000 is the national median), a high cultural rating, the city being in one of the lowest 25 states in terms of tax burden, and of course, the average number of warm and sunny days.


Here’s more about the top five cities:

1. Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers is an excellent retirement option because there are many housing options- you can live in a quiet neighborhood near the Gulf, in a high rise or in a gated community. Zillow reports the Home Value Index to be $173,400. In addition to an affordable housing market, residents enjoy The Fort Meyers Beach, a charming downtown area, word class shopping and spring training baseball games for several teams.

2. St. Petersburg, FL

With almost 300,000 people, St. Petersburg has always been a desired retirement destination because of its great beaches, a central shopping area called Baywalk and warm weather all year long. According to Zillow the median price of a home is $180,000.

3. Phoenix, AZ

The fifth largest city in the U.S. is a popular place to retire because of its warm weather, desert community and golf courses. The city is surrounded by several communities including Mesa, Scottsdale and Tempe, giving retirees the option to live in any type of environment- city, suburbs or one of the nearby smaller towns. Prices differ depending on each part of the metro area, but the median home price is $198,600.

4. Corpus Christi, TX

With a warm climate and waterfront views, it’s no surprise this all-American city has won several awards as a retirement city. There are all types of housing choices available, and the median price is $186,200. Residents enjoy boating, beaches, fishing, interesting shops and golfing.

5. Tampa, FL

Located on Florida’s west coast, Tampa has been voted one of the “Cleanest Cities” and one of the “Best Outdoor Cities.” Although some homes near the waterfront can be costly, the median home price is $145,000. People like living in Tampa because of its location right on the Gulf of Mexico, many sports teams, friendly people and cultural resources including theatres, museums and a vibrant city life.

And here’s the rest on the list:

6. Aiken, SC
7. Clearwater, FL
8. Morgantown, WV
9. Las Vegas, NV
10. Knoxville, TN
11. Mesa, AZ
12. Sioux Falls, SD
13. Myrtle Beach, SC
14. Pensacola, FL
15. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
16. Branson, MO
17. Tallahassee, FL
18. San Antonio, TX
19. Clemson, SC
20. Columbia, MO

Finding an affordable place to retire can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re retiring soon, Guaranteed Rate can help you not only find the perfect city to live in, but can also help you lock in a low mortgage rate for your new home. Contact your local branch to get started-you may have more loan options than you think.

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