Ty’s Tips | 4 reasons to have a wet bar in your home


Time flies, doesn’t it? As we approach the second half of summer, it’s not too early to think about getting your house ready for fall and winter—and not just on the outside. Not to the point where you need to stop doing fun summer stuff, but it’s something to start planning for.

Sure, you’ll want to make sure your exterior paint is on point and your shutters are in good repair. But with cooler weather comes a shift from entertaining outdoors to moving the party inside for football games, book club gatherings and the upcoming holidays.

Just like it’s never too soon to think ahead, it’s never a bad thing to be ambitious. Adding a wet bar to your home can be easy and inexpensive (compared to, say, rehabbing a bathroom or kitchen). You’ll also enjoy these benefits:

The Sink Will Come in Handy
By definition, a wet bar has its own sink, running water and plumbing. Some people decide these things aren’t really necessary for a home bar, mainly because they think it’s too difficult to run water pipes and drainage to where their bar will be situated. Choosing a location close to a powder room, laundry room or bathroom—not to mention hiring an experienced plumber—can ease those worries. Also, when it comes time to wash a batch of cocktail glasses, you’ll be glad you don’t have to bring them all the way to the kitchen, especially if you’ve added a small dishwasher to your bar.

It’ll Free Up Your Fridge
Most drinks and mixers require refrigeration, and the same goes for food. No wet bar is complete without a mini-fridge (or several) for storing white wine and bottled drinks. You could even add a keg cooler if you’re so inclined. Any of these additional fridges will make more room for food in your main refrigerator. If you’re having a large gathering, you’re going to need it, especially before you start prepping.

It’ll Free Up Your Kitchen
When you’re entertaining, your guests tend to gravitate to where food and drinks are being served. In most homes, that’s the kitchen. Nothing wrong with that, but it can get a bit cramped in there and other parts of your house are probably more comfortable. A wet bar will draw people to it for two reasons: it’s another place where your guests can get finger foods and cocktails, and it’s a conversation piece. Not every home has one!

It Might Add Value to Your Home
Expanding on the conversation piece aspect, a wet bar is exactly the kind of bell and whistle that many modern home buyers are looking for. People simply love entertaining these days! Now remember, there are no guarantees that any home improvements will increase value, so don’t think a wet bar will cover your kids’ college fund. But if you’ve gotten the aesthetics and functionality right, your guests will definitely be impressed—and so will prospective buyers when it comes time to sell.

Have I inspired you? I hope so! Once yours is up and running you can have your friends over and raise a toast to yourself for having the smarts to install a wet bar!

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