Ty’s Tips | 5 ways to make your house look new


As home owners, we all want to keep our most valuable investment in tip-top shape. Doing so gives us a sense of pride and preserves property value for ourselves and our neighbors, because nothing says “this is where I want to live” more than a neighborhood where everyone goes the extra mile to make sure their house has maximum curb appeal.

So whether you’re selling or you simply want to give your home the white-glove treatment because it deserves nothing less, here are some suggestions that will help your house’s exterior look like new, no matter how old it is!

I’ll start with something pretty obvious:

Apply fresh paint
This one’s a no-brainer if you live in an area that experiences any sort of extreme or inclement weather on the regular. Guess what? That’s pretty much everywhere on the planet, so sprucing up the paint on your siding, shutters and window frames should definitely be on your list of things to do. Look for chips, faded color and other obvious signs of wear and fix them ASAP before damage to the underlying surfaces sets in and you’re left with an eyesore in need of more significant repair. Don’t forget the prep work and the base coat; doing the job right by sanding, scraping and priming will ensure you don’t have to break out the brushes and rollers every other year.

Wash the windows
Letting dirt and grime build up on your windows can really tarnish an otherwise beautiful home. Thankfully the days of climbing a ladder with a bucket and a squeegee are over. Just get yourself a bottle or two of window detergent that attaches to your hose and spray down your exterior glass.

Power wash the concrete
Moss, impacted mud and other stains can really make cement surfaces look dingy. Treat your front walkway, sidewalks, driveway, patio and garage floor to a good power washing and prepare to be surprised by the outcome! There are lots of places where you can rent a power washer, and of course you can buy one if it’s a job you think you’ll do often.

Spread fertilizer and grass seed
Nothing screams “new home” quite like plush green turf. Sticking to a seasonal fertilization schedule and laying down grass seed to fill in bare spots can make it look like you just rolled out fresh sod all over, and it’ll be a lot less expensive.

Hire a tuckpointer
Over the time the mortar joints between bricks can deteriorate. This not only looks bad but can compromise the structural integrity of a brick wall, chimney or façade. Tuckpointing, also known as “pointing” and “repointing,” is the way to address this issue before it becomes a much larger problem. Unless you’re supremely confident in your abilities in this area, you’ll want to hire a pro for this job, especially if your town requires permits for the work.

So are you ready to experience the next best thing to buying or building a brand new home? Try these five things and enjoy the perma-grin you’ll have on your face afterward!

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