6 low maintenance house plants

An indoor garden is the perfect foliage fix for the long winter months. Whether you’re a city dweller sans outdoor space or your home is in the country with acreage galore, there’s nothing like a little green therapy to curb the wintertime blues. And there’s no green thumb required, because not all plants require constant attention and strict routines. In fact, below are six house plants that will effortlessly and instantly spruce up your home with very little effort on your part.


Spider Plant

Also called the airplane plant, this is one of the most adaptable and easy-to grow house plants out there. It requires infrequent watering and isn’t picky about light, staying perfectly happy in semi-shaded to bright rooms. Water routine: Once or twice a week. Pet friendly: Yes, according to the American Society of Cruelty Prevention to Animals (ASCPA). Why we love it: It makes for an eyecatching display with its boldly striped leaves. Make it truly stand out with a quirky pot.

Rex Begonia

This large, leafy beauty prefers shaded, humid conditions, so don’t be afraid to put it in a dimly lit room. Feel free to neglect the rex begonia, too. Excessive watering is the kiss of death for this species, causing root rot. Water routine: Once every week to 10 days. Pet friendly: Yes. Why we love it: With leaves like an oil painting, it offers a large range of colors, shapes and textures. Each plant is truly one-of-a-kind.

Jade Plant

It’s known as a symbol of good luck, but the jade plant requires no luck at all to grow successfully. This low-maintenance succulent loves the sunshine so is best suited near windows. Water routine: No schedule. Water when top soil is dry to the touch. Pet friendly: No. Why we love it: It makes for a great gift or office decoration. Limited care with big meaning.


Sweetheart Hoya

This plant is cute as a button but tough as nails. Its fleshy, succulent leaves are heart-shaped and adorable, but it requires minimal attention. A droughtresistant sweetheart hoya might be the ticket to boost your green-thumb rating. Water routine: Once or twice a month. Pet friendly: Yes. Why we love it: The Sweetheart Hoya’s tiny flourishes are delicate and fragrant.


This thick-leafed succulent mimics a rose, but it’s not nearly as delicate. Echeveria prefers desert conditions, so it’s crucial to let the soil dry completely between watering. Opt for a self-draining pot to allow maximum water evaporation. This slow-growing succulent adds a touch of understated panache to your home interior. Try grouping them together, or distributing single blooms throughout the house. Water routine: No schedule. Water when top soil is dry to the touch. Pet friendly: Yes. Why we love it: You can start a new plant from leaf cuttings. Replant an Echeveria in topsoil and it will root within a few weeks.

English Ivy

Deep green with an attractive shape, English ivy is a romantic looking plant, perfectly suited for the indoors. It grows perfectly in fluorescent lighting and requires thorough but infrequent watering. Water routine: No schedule. Water when top soil is dry to the touch, but water thoroughly. Pet friendly: No. Why we love it: This climbing plant can grow and grow, adding a little drama with its cascading tendrils.


Opt for south-facing windows. Light is more consistent and less harsh throughout the day.

Give it a half-turn every other day. Your potted plant will bend toward the light source, and this will keep it even and full.

Water with club soda once a month. The minerals give plants a nutrient boost.

Re-pot when needed. Look for roots growing through the drainage holes, soil drying out quickly, and new leaf growth becoming smaller and slower.

Make less of a mess. Repotting is easier and cleaner if you use an ice cream scoop to transfer soil.

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