Food fight round 2 | Restaurant delivery apps

Feeling lazy and yearning for a hot meal from a local eatery? GrubHub and UberEATS offer a smorgasbord of appetizing options. Both apps offer a user-friendly online ordering experience and a list of most popular menu items for each restaurant option. But which digital delivery service is king of the castle?

Hang on to your hats folks—round 2 is going down to the wire!

Based in Chicago, GrubHub boasts nearly 9 million active diners in over 1,100 cities throughout the US and the UK. GrubHub is an instant heavyweight due to superior restaurant selection and better search options: places currently open, user ratings, distance, delivery estimate and order minimum. However, with inflexible minimum orders (usually $10-20), delivery fees and tips, GrubHub can be sneaky expensive. Plus, for one person, $20 worth of menu items is a pricey mountain of food. Another drawback—lengthy delivery times. For a hungry person, 1-2 hours is a long time to wait! GrubHub’s delivery estimates can also be wildly inaccurate. A 45-minute ETA could show up in 15. You don’t necessarily have time for a shower or a quick errand across the street!

An offshoot of Uber, UberEATS is currently available in 72 cities across six continents. This delivery app keeps it simple with a flat $5 booking fee, no minimum orders and no required tip. It also promises a 30-minute delivery from start to finish for the average order. Got an Uber account? The UberEATS app provides seamless integration for easy payment and delivery tracking.

One downside of the Uber connection is the recent addition of surge pricing in busy areas. At this rate, Pool vs. uberX delivery options could be around the corner. Would you pay a higher fee to get your food sooner? Would you pay less for colder food?

Limited restaurant selection and fewer search options are two additional drawbacks to UberEATS. While you can search by restaurant or cuisine, you can’t sort by places open. There’s nothing worse than getting your heart set on a restaurant before you realize it closed 10 minutes ago.

Our pick: it’s a tie—At the end of the day, superior restaurant selection and better search options cancel out quicker delivery and fewer fees. Want to try a trendy new restaurant? Go with GrubHub. Craving a quick bite? UberEATS is your answer.

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