Guaranteed Rate’s customer service successes of 2015

With 2015 now behind us, Guaranteed Rate would like to reflect on how we’ve evolved as a company.  Our core values sit at the center of who we are and one value, in particular, stands out:  “Putting the Customer First”.

We recognize that without you, our customers, we wouldn’t be one of the top U.S. home loan lenders.  By really listening to your feedback via surveys and online reviews, we’re able to work towards providing the best home loan experience out there.  We don’t measure our customer satisfaction to simply paste a badge on our website.  We engrain the importance of customer happiness into every level and team within Guaranteed Rate and it seems to be working – take a look:


96% Customer Satisfaction Score

We ask each of our customers if they were satisfied with their Guaranteed Rate experience.  From our customer’s responses, we’re able to calculate our 96% Customer Satisfaction score.  The question is meaningful to us because it’s an indicator of Guaranteed Rate’s ability to positively impact our customers.  We’re proud to have maintained an impressive CSAT score for the last 15 years.

Testimonial:  “I was overall very happy with the entire process. My loan officer was great. It was nice to get email updates of the progress. And I like how everything was done online:  all statements uploaded, all forms signed. Made it very easy.”



94% Likely to Recommend

Recommendation by referral is one of the best indicators of a happy customer.  You’d only refer something to your friends and family if you truly enjoyed it yourself.  That’s why we jump for joy when we see that 94% of our borrowers say they would recommend us.

Testimonial:  “My son Gary had a mortgage through Guaranteed Rate and he was very happy with the service, he referred me and I will do the same and refer anyone who needs a mortgage!” 



93% say we made it EASY

Guaranteed Rate believes purchasing a new home should be an exciting time, but too often it’s considered stressful due to outdated methods.  We were founded on the premise that through technology and a streamlined approach, the home loan experience can be stress free. A whopping 93% of our customers agree that obtaining a loan through Guaranteed Rate was easy.

Testimonial: “The loan process was so easy.  Last time we bought a house, I remember having to fax endless amounts of papers.  This time, it was a quick scan of documents and uploading them to my computer.”

Cathleen S. – Berwyn, IL | NOV 2015


95% Customer Loyalty Score

We’re able to form lasting relationships with our customers by treating them like family.  It thrills us to know 95% of our customers respond “Yes” when asked the question, “Would you use Guaranteed Rate again?”  Being a company our customers can depend on for all of their home loan needs is what we strive for each and every day.

Testimonial:  “This is actually the third mortgage I have arranged through Guaranteed Rate.  My loan officer and the rest of the staff at his office are nothing short of incredible.  Everything went smoothly, and I was given all of the information I needed in advance so I could review everything.  Super easy! They keep me informed every step of the way, get things done quickly, and we have always closed on time. I cannot imagine a better experience–and I’ve had some interesting ones in the past. Incredible service.  Friendly people committed to making this process as easy as possible. Constant communication. Stress-free process!”

Carol D. – Aurora, CO | NOV 2015


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