Laundry Made Easy


Missing socks, shrunken underwear, lint flying everywhere–laundry often ends up at the bottom of the list of favorite household chores, and with good reason. Let’s see if we can move it up a few spots with some smart solutions to make laundry time more enjoyable.

Space Savers

If you’re cramped for space, there are plenty of clever DIY hacks that help you save room. If there’s a door that opens awkwardly and cuts into your square footage, put shelves or a shoe organizer on the back of it that doubles as a holder for cleaning products, like so:

A stackable washer and dryer, parked under cabinets, gives you room for more storage. Use the extra space for your baskets, and clearly label them for whites, colors, dirty clothes and clean clothes.  Keeping the laundry room floor free of scattered clothes is always a step in the right direction!


Being organized is the biggest key to not tearing your hair out in anticipation of laundry day. The essentials for keeping things orderly are the same whether you have a dedicated room or a washer/dryer stacked in a closet:

  • A hamper for dirty clothes
  • A flat, lint-free area for folding clean clothes
  • A place to store supplies

These suggestions will help you save time and get the laundry done faster. But staying organized doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s the laundry room. Lose the manufacturers’ containers and use decorative jars to store your detergent and other cleaning supplies. You can also put some rustic-looking letter art  on the walls to add some character so when laundry day comes up on the calendar, the space is inviting and not daunting. You might even find yourself looking forward to being there!

Other Essentials

  • A jar for pocket change that ends up in the washer and dryer
  • Sturdy wall hooks to keep laundry baskets off of the ground
  • A waste basket for discarded fabric softener sheets and dryer lint
  • Drop-down shelving for easier folding in tight spaces
  • A basket for items that have served their time and can be donated to charity
  • Old closest rods run along the ceiling for hang-drying bigger items like bedspreads, blankets and rugs

These ideas are off the top of my head; hopefully they inspired you to come up with a few of your own, too. Now if you’ll excuse me, I just finished a rehab and I have some laundry to do!

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