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Learn the tricks of the trade from our top originators

In March, 76 Guaranteed Rate loan originators made the list of the nation’s top 300 producers. Thanks to our great team, Guaranteed Rate made up 25 percent of the list, which is more than any other company!

Now, National Mortgage News has featured 29 of our loan originators in its “Top Producer Pro Tips” series, where they explain how they made it big in the mortgage industry. The four-part series highlights originators in the Northeast, South, Midwest and West Coast. It uses the responses originators drafted when submitting to rankings earlier this year. Take a look at these features below to see how our originators are closing loans and delighting customers!

The Northeast

Allyson Kreycik, Wakefield, MA:

What do you know about the mortgage business now that you wished you knew when you started out?

If a loan isn’t going to work, don’t spend time on it. Educate the buyers on what they need to do now to get pre-approved in the future. Never take a loan that will keep you up at night because it may not work.

Also featured:
Michael Dunsky
Roger Brasil
Jon Lamkin
Rusty O’Dowd
Joseph Smith
Andrew Marquis

Allyson Kreycik,
The Midwest

Ben Cohen, Chicago, IL:

Ben Cohen Tell us about an unusual or difficult loan scenario and what you did to ensure a successful closing.

There were many changes this year including the TILA/RESPA integrated disclosures. To ensure a smooth transition, I invested a lot of time in understanding TRID and how it would impact my borrowers, my referral sources, my business and my team. Once the changes were implemented, I was able to close a jumbo loan in eight days. Being informed and organized has helped me and my team not miss a beat.

Also featured:
Matt Tierney
Drew Boland
Chad Lubben
JD Cortese
Ryan Mecum
Patrick Ruffner
Dan Gjeldum
Dean Vlamis
Brian Jessen
Tom Lavallee
John Noldan
Sam Sharp
Shimmy Braun
Joe Caltabiano

The South

Michael Murgatroy, Boca Raton, FL:

Tell us about an unusual or difficult loan scenario and what you did to ensure a successful closing.

We had a client file their taxes after we pre-approved them for a loan on a new construction home. They decided to write off unreimbursed business expenses which drove their debt-to-income ratio over 65%. The closing was only 10 days away when we found this out. Our solution was to change the loan from 20% down to a 10% down payment, plus we paid off eight or nine accounts to bring the DTI down to 50%.

Also featured:
Craig Stelzer

Michael Murgatroy
West Coast

Brian Decker, Temecula, CA:

Park City Tell us about an unusual or difficult loan scenario and what you did to ensure a successful closing.

I had a VA client who had saved up $3,000 cash for closing costs and deposited it in the bank the day after we opened escrow. None of this could be sourced since they had saved it over three years being overseas. Without these funds they were short to close and we could not increase the rate. In order to save the deal, I did it for no compensation and was able to provide them the additional $2,800 needed for closing without any increase in the rate.

Also featured:
Andrew Soss
Dianne Crosby
Ben Anderson

Loan originators interested in joining Guaranteed Rate should visit You can read all of National Mortgage News’ Top Producer Pro Tips online.

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