Merge your life and your belongings with these simple tips


Merging your life with someone else’s is a big deal and it also means merging your belongings. Let’s be real – when you move in with someone you don’t need to keep two sets of everything. Do you really need six sets of bed sheets? What about all those mismatched plates and cups?

This merging of belongings is made even more complicated when you throw a wedding registry into the mix. What do you keep? What do you toss? And what do you register for?

This is a time when you should be super organized. Inventory your significant other’s belongings and yours, then sort them into a “keep”, “toss now” and “register for/toss later” lists. Also, make a list of “needs/want items” that will go on your registry.

Keep or toss?
A good rule of thumb is to only keep what you need. While getting rid of what you don’t need is key, don’t throw things out just because you put a replacement on your registry. Remember, there’s no guarantee you’ll get everything on your registry and you might need those older items in the interim. Once you’ve received those new pots and pans, you can toss away!

Toss more
What else can you get rid of? To start, things that you both have. Determine whose version of the item is in the best shape and get rid of the other one. If you’ve got two bedrooms, maybe four sets of sheets with suffice. Don’t keep partial sets of plates, dishes and cutlery. You’re an adult now and a matching set is a must for the kitchen.

Help them help you
If you don’t have a full set of any of your dining necessities, that’s a great thing to put on your registry! Don’t forget to plan ahead. Ask for enough of each item so that when you entertain your guest are eating off matching plates instead of a hodgepodge of random plates given to you by relatives during your college days. It’s also good to register for everyday dishware and special occasion settings. To determine exactly what you need, think about what you would want if you were hosting a big family holiday. Think about how many of each place settings you would need to accommodate the crowd and what types of serving dishes would be necessary. Other things to register for are all those kitchen gadgets you’ve been eyeing for years. If you don’t think you’d use it, leave it off your list, but if you just know you’d bake more if you had that Kitchen Aid stand mixer, ask for it!

Help them really help you
Your registry is the time to ask for things that you might not otherwise buy. In other words, don’t be afraid to ask for big ticket items. The wealthy aunt you haven’t seen since you were five might be fonder of you than you think! Also with sites like you can do group gifting where multiple people can contribute to a higher ticket item, even if they don’t know each other! This is a great way to register for pricier kitchen appliances or the furniture to replace that futon or Ikea dresser you or your significant other has had since college.

Merging your life and your home is the perfect time to purge all the cheap housewares you’ve accumulated along the way and replenish with high-quality products that will last you a lifetime. So get out the trash bags, do a deep clean and declutter and then get to the fun part of registering… and oh yeah spending your life with the one you love.

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