Painting the Pad with Ty

Giving your home some new color is always a game changer, and most of us love color. What’s not to love? It sets the mood, evokes emotion, and can even make certain spaces feel twice as big. Most people (some of your parents I’m sure) are afraid of branching outside of those same old neutrals that you see everywhere, a.k.a. Color Phobics. Let’s not be Color Phobics!

Ask yourself a couple questions before deciding on your paint job. Do you want something that dominates the room and allows the color to take over? Do you want something that livens the background, but doesn’t distract?

No matter your answers for the above, paint is a great transformer, so don’t fret if you can’t decide. A little new hue is the cheapest and easiest way to transform any room. Let’s see if you have some ideas flowing after a few more tips. Grab your thinking cap and brushes – it’s time to paint your space!

Power Play

Let’s start out red hot. Nothing dominates a room more than some red. There are plenty of different shades of red that you can use to make a bold and confident statement. Like I mentioned earlier, this is the perfect (and cheapest) way to add some pizzazz to a room. Red can be less forgiving than most colors, so be careful with which shade you choose. You don’t want to be sitting in a giant ketchup bottle when entering the room.

Going Green

Looking for something that breathes easy and you’ve seen before but just can’t quite remember? Consider fresh greens. Just step outside and your color palette will start to run wild. There is inspiration right outside your window, and with some soothing greens and warm browns (plus a shot of some outdoorsy artwork to bring it all together) you’ll be off to the races. Throw in some furniture that utilizes bamboo, wicker or wood, and now you have the perfect spot to hang and relax with your family. Still feeling feisty? Green can be bold, too, and works well with neutral furniture and accessories. Using a bright green sets a fresh, youthful and fun tone for the room.

True Blue

Beach inspired colors work anytime and are always welcoming. Blues always have a big presence in the spring and summer seasons, giving off a classic, flexible look that can go with anything. Grab some cool, clean gray-blues and pair them with soft whites for a soft mood or throw in a complementary accent in salmon, coral or cinnabar to warm up the spot.

Well…are the gears turning up there yet? Let’s hope some of these hue clues helped your decision making . Remember, when you’re diving into the paint world, save yourself some hassle and do a sample test. Color is unpredictable and changes according to the light and other colors in the room. Paint a few samples on some foam core and let it sit in a couple of different rooms for a few days. Let the process mold into itself and you’ll be able to pick your perfect shade in no time! Don’t panic and dive into something you wouldn’t normally do. Hey, if it doesn’t work or isn’t the color you want, there’s always more paint out there!

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