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September's top producers

Congrats to all our Top September Producers!

As a company, we funded over $1.5B in total volume for September. Our Top Producers in each division are listed below:

Shant Banosian$41,875,892
Andrew Marquis$19,929,029
Ben Cohen
Joe Caltabiano12,307,389
Sam Sharp
Brandon Moss$11,273,172
Ryan Mecum$17,678,896
Michele Stanisch$10,356,823
Joseph Smith$9,789,299
Tom Lavallee$9,730,728
Christin Luckman$9,404,210
Ron Erdmann$9,282,836
David Polarek$8,821,792
Brian R. Jessen$8,675,770
Dianne Crosby$8,422,560
John Noldan$8,255,215
Drew Boland$7,842,040
Jeff Van Nostran$7,841,045
Joe Parisi$7,765,006
Roger Brasil$7,280,118
Adam Slack$7,220,653
Michael Murgatroy$7,184,608
Matthew McDevitt$7,107,752
Julee Felsman$7,039,248
Jonathan Lamkin$6,967,088
Dan Rogers$6,852,620
Hani Ali$6,846,615
Allyson Kreycik$6,715,800
Phillip Cannon$6,649,975
Mike Sanchez$6,403,658
Kyle Gillespie$6,354,495
Lance Ray$6,272,666
Matthew P. Paradis$6,169,689
Stephen Delagrange$6,137,938
Daniel J. Rock$6,074,938
Matt Tierney$6,047,398
Bryan Brown$6,043,370
Jason Griesser$5,932,850
Mickey Cogliando$5,921,150
Mike Brown$5,861,250
Jennifer Fairfield$5,776,120
Shimmy Braun$5,685,942
Jonathan Semon$5,622,000
JD Cortese$5,618,933
Amber Arwine$5,389,785
Gregory B. Lavallee$5,355,899
Rusty O'Dowd$5,347,013
Bill Rayman$5,296,450
Nick Heth$5,293,024
Sean Knudsen$5,249,820
Joel Schaub$5,206,093
Justin Frady$5,176,158
Savvas Fetfatsidis$5,129,341
Nicole Santizo$5,127,600
Jeffrey Angelucci$5,121,050
Jennifer Beeston$5,081,241
Bradley Rasof$5,069,116
Joe McBreen$5,059,403
Adam Canter$5,035,150
Ron Miller$4,995,000
Stephen Barber$4,995,000
Dan Gjeldum$4,953,997
Danielle Young$4,946,774
Jay Sondhi$4,941,750
Christina Longo Trethewey$4,849,550
Jennifer Martinez$4,846,603
Michal Bander$4,763,868
Robert Wishnick$4,686,096
Katherine McNally$4,676,872
Ben Milam$4,647,444
Paul Zgalich$4,617,142
Dean Vlamis$4,609,535
Dave Caldwell$4,583,080
Rich Clayton$4,542,775
Joe Burke$4,494,980
Cindy Smolin$4,487,570
Matthew Cole$4,439,490
Jim Jefferson$4,397,685
Robert Hathorne$4,391,860
John Hunter$4,376,736
Steven Maizes$4,353,750
Dwayne Coneeny$4,332,167
Rob Slovin$4,327,702
John Grad$4,279,745
Anthony Pham$4,265,150
Rebecca Mott$4,215,550
Danny Delgado$4,189,629
Rick Hartle$4,153,711
Rick Scherer$4,109,334
Jo Ann Theriault-Fazio$4,080,300
Michael Pond$4,076,299
Gregory Cutt$3,993,500
Chad Drachenberg$3,984,800
Michelle Bobart$3,920,950
Rick Parrish$3,893,618
John Pace$3,770,953
Chris Hutchens$3,759,992
Eric Burba$3,571,150
Jeff Crain$3,515,855
Mike Nielsen$3,489,610
Matt Carr$3,462,624
Trevor Tashlik$3,429,500
Marsha Gandy$3,329,975
Ace Allak$3,134,860
Jerry Pounds$3,132,684
Michael Murray$3,054,506
Todd Emerson Albrecht$3,032,466
Timothy Duffy$2,934,604
Corey Grace$2,925,180
Michael A. Gambatese$2,880,100
John Johnson$2,825,000
Mike Tullio$2,790,730
Paul Dennis$2,687,500
Larry Steinway$2,677,027
Michael Knopf$2,633,420
Travis Lang$2,601,599
Eric Bryce$2,550,410
Dave Schell$2,542,700
Rick Mikel$2,522,675
Ryan Richardson$2,510,750
Thomas Kuehl$2,483,850
Andy Greenstein$2,477,035
Michaela Phillips$2,448,200
Charles Stephen$2,447,256
Kia Gostovic$2,439,009
Nick Dokken$2,435,474
Cindee Stone$2,405,473
Kyle Delgleize$2,373,550
Daniel Larios$2,357,459
RJ Meyerhoffer$2,285,042
Jim Blackburn$2,231,400
Patrick Ruffner$2,231,400
Ian Beamer$2,194,890
Yadon Santana$2,181,759
Robert Bajakian$2,170,525
Pete Chilberg$2,168,050
Kym Poladsky$2,167,475
Randy Winton$2,149,852
Tim Ross$2,111,214
Shelby Blackmer$2,026,065
Chris Yang$1,952,043

*Guaranteed Rate's funded loan data from 2017

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