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*Republished with permission from Enjoy Magazine*

It’s time to bring your home into the 21st century. Implementing smart home technology will make your life easier and enhance the value of your property. Plus, smart home technology is just so darn cool!

We’re not asking you to revamp your entire home with this innovative, pricey technology. But making a few modern tweaks throughout the home will make all the difference.

Here are some high-tech tips that won’t break the bank and will make your home hip.  


Sometimes you forget your keys when you go out. Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable leaving a key under the welcome mat. A smart lock allows you to have peace of mind and easily get into your home with keyless access using your smart phone. These smart locks cost approximately $140.

Control the temperature

Is it too stuffy in the house? Or do you have the chills? Rather than get up and tinker with the thermostat, adjust the home temperature through your smart phone with a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. For a bit more than $200, you can keep close tabs on your thermostat when extreme weather hits and make quick adjustments when needed.

Pet Patrol

That’s right. If you’re worried about your furry friend having an accident or tearing up furniture, you can keep an eye on your pet with a camera that connects to your smart phone. The camera will stream video to your smart phone or tablet when you’re out of the house to ensure your pet is behaving. This pet cam costs approximately $150.

Make Coffee with Ease

We frequently forget to set our coffeemaker timer the night before, making our groggy mornings even more difficult. A wi-fi coffeemaker allows you to schedule your coffee to start grinding as soon as you begin your day for roughly $140.

Water the lawn, save money

Smart home products don’t have to be exclusively inside the home, right? A smart sprinkler system can access the weather forecast where you live and gauge watering needs for your lawn to save you money. You won’t have to worry about wasting water on your lawn after a rainy week. These devices, which cost approximately $170, can even work with your existing sprinkler system.

Open your garage door on demand

How many times a month do you wonder if you closed your garage door? Thanks to wireless garage door sensors, you can leave your house without fear. You can link these wireless sensors to your switch or ceiling motor and open or close the door from your smartphone. For approximately $120, you can say goodbye to your outdated keypad.

Contributed by: Matt Barbato, based on tips from the Ty Pennington Design Team

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