Things you wish you got to this summer

When it comes to our home improvement goals for the summer, sometimes we set the bar a bit too high. With summer vacations, barbeques and baseball games to enjoy, we often can’t get to everything on our list. But not to fear—there’s still time! Here’s a list of the top yet-to-be-completed summer chores for homeowners.

  • Clean the deck:

A deck is a great place to host summer drinks or barbeques, but it can take a beating during the winter from snow and rain. Before you send out those invites, take an afternoon to scrub down your deck with water and a hard-bristle push brush. Or you can spring for a power washer and get the job done twice as fast.  

  • Purge and organize the garage:

Summer is the perfect time to open up the garage door, let in some air and reorganize your garage. Apply the six-month rule, and ask yourself, “Have I touched this in the last six months?” and “Will I use in the next six months?” If the answer to both is “No,” maybe think about giving it away. Summer’s also a great time to organize with new shelving and plastic storage bins.

  • Give some love to your basement appliances:

Your washing machine and dryer do a lot of dirty work during the year, and can sometimes go unrecognized. Make sure to inspect your washing machine’s hoses for cracks and bulges and replace if necessary. And make sure to inspect your dryer’s vent that leads outside the house, which can get clogged with lint.

  • Inspect and clean gutters:

It’s not just for fall! Leaves from summer rainstorms can accumulate just as easy during the warmer months of the year. Take a trip up that ladder and make sure your gutters are clean and clear for the coming deluge of autumn leaves.

  • Clean the coils on your fridge:

When the coils on your fridge are dirty, your fridge has to work harder and burn up more energy to operate. You could cut down on your electricity by wiping away dirt and dust from those coils, which are usually located underneath or on the back of your fridge. (Make sure to unplug your fridge before starting, just to be safe!)

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