How to throw the perfect football party

With all due respect to the winter holidays, football season may just be the most wonderful time of the year. America’s most popular sport is on TV five nights a week during the fall, so there’s almost always a game to catch.

With the prices of tickets, concessions and parking on the rise, home watch parties are increasing in popularity. If you can’t go to the game, the next best thing may be to invite your friends and/or family over for a good time. So whether you’re a diehard college football fan who lives for Saturdays in the fall, a passionate pro ball follower who enjoys a good Sunday Funday, or anything in between, host the perfect football watch party with these five tips.

Stock the Fridge

This should be priority No. 1 for any football viewing party. The fridge needs to be stockpiled with plenty of fun for all your guests. It’s imperative to know how many people are planning to attend so you can adequately prepare the fridge. You never want to run out of cold beers, sodas or waters for your party guests.

What’s on the Menu?

Almost as important as what’s in the fridge is what’s available for guests to munch on. Good food is crucial to any gathering, but it’s also important to determine what you’ll need. Something like the Big Game probably requires a full spread while it may be easier to just have appetizers and snacks available for other events.

Know Your Audience

A good mix of people is key to any football party. You’ll want some casual observers, hardcore fans (but make sure they aren’t too over the top), as well as some folks who may not really care about the game but can still have a good time. If you tell people they can bring guests, make sure they’re not going to be major buzzkills. This should be a good time for everyone! 

Take a Seat

Be sure your home has adequate seating. There’s nothing worse as a guest than not having a place to sit to watch the game. People also dislike when their view of the TV is blocked by someone else, so set your seating up efficiently. If you need to, bring extra chairs in from other rooms in your house to ensure everyone can properly enjoy some pigskin.

Go Big or Go Home

Some people prefer watching a big game on television, so your TV watching experience needs to be top-notch. If you plan on having multiple screens, make sure you test everything before your guests arrive. 

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