Ty’s Affordable Rules

Ty Pennington helps break down some dos and don’ts for updating that room you’ve been meaning to tackle. For easy updates without breaking the bank, follow these tried-and-true rules!

These rules aren’t anything to live or die by, just have fun and follow your emotions. If red makes you happy, put it in a room where you spend a lot of time. If thoughts of ocean getaways relax you, create a coastal theme in your bedroom or bath. Below are just a few things to get your mind moving when you walk through that room you have been looking to change for months.

DO – get creative with your wall covering. Layer an assortment of maps using wallpaper adhesive. It’s great for camouflaging uneven walls and is a creative way to pay homage to the many road trips you’ve taken—or want to take.

DON’T – follow the crowd. Trends come and go, and easy updates are the best way to keep current. But you have to live with the look, so be sure you love it. Just because it’s in style doesn’t mean it’s your style.

DO – be a salvage specialist. Go home-goods shopping at thrift stores, garage sales and salvage yards. Often the most random, tossed-aside things—like assorted letters or an old school locker—can find the coolest purpose in your home.

DON’T – let small accents stand alone. Itty-bitty items can lose their impact, so when displaying mantel or tabletop knickknacks, give them some clout by grouping with other objects that are similar in size and style.

DO – look up. The ceiling is often a neglected design element, yet a simple coat of paint can give a room a bold new look—no structural changes required.

DON’T – paint before choosing accents. If you’re planning to add pillows or vases, select paint color after you buy them to ensure you get the perfect match.

DO – limit your boldness. If you’repainting a bright color over a large area, be careful with accents in other bold hues that might distract from the main attraction. Sometimes just one strong color says it all.

DON’T – hang onto stuff past its prime. Know when something has served its purpose—and donate it to a local charity.

The most important rule of all is to not stress about the room(s) you are trying to tackle. This is supposed to be a fun and experimental time where you can learn about your craft and what makes your home happy. Best of luck with your adventure and make sure to check back for more rules, tips and knowledge from Ty Pennington!

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