Ty’s Tips | 7 kitchen renovation blunders to avoid

Is your kitchen bringing you down? Get out the blueprints and roll up your sleeves—it’s time to renovate! Kitchen remodeling projects are fraught with risk and reward, eyepopping results and money-sucking pitfalls. Avoid these seven classic mistakes to make sure your renovation is on time, on budget and on point!

Bigger isn’t always better

Sink, stove, refrigerator. The three busiest areas of your kitchen should be positioned in a triangle to form the most efficient workflow. The goal should be to create a work zone. Everything should be within easy reach with as few steps or blockages as possible. Big kitchens are great, but efficient space is better.

Plan for efficiency

A little reorganization and restructuring can transform a small galley kitchen into a highly functional chef’s dream. From drawer dividers and pantry pullouts to deeper cabinets and a Lazy Susan, storage add-ons maximize your kitchen’s working capacity. Remember, you can never have too much storage space.

Supersize surface area

You know what’s frustrating? Desperately searching for a place to set that scalding pan amid a sea of clutter. Counter space is a key element of your kitchen, so don’t settle for less for inches when you really need at feet. A good rule of thumb, give yourself three different countertop areas with at least 4-feet of space on each.

Stick with your budget

A kitchen remodel can be as inexpensive as replacing the handles on your cabinets to gutting it all and starting anew. Create a budget. Get several estimates from highly recommended general contractors and most importantly, ask for discounts! Every contractor negotiates. Don’t be afraid to ask for overstock items from their previous job or find a local upcycling facility that sells used cabinets, countertops and tile. But remember, every project runs into pitfalls. As a rule of thumb, know that everything will cost 30% more and take 25% longer than you expected.

Choose wisely

Choose your new refrigerator and dishwasher before settling on cabinets and countertops. It’s much easier to arrange your kitchen around the dimensions of your appliances than vice versa.

Don’t overlook the backs & tops

It’s all about the backsplash. Designed to protect the wall behind your stove and countertop, the backsplash is your chance to create eye-level appeal. Play with color and patterns—use different shades of the same tone to give your backsplash a classy, cohesive look. Don’t take your kitchen for granite— yes, I intended to do that — invest in a quartz countertop to give your space some extra pizzazz and durability. While granite is naturally imperfect and susceptible to cracks and bacteria, quartz countertops are engineered and designed for low-maintenance kitchen conditions.

Stop waiting to exhale

Don’t forget to breathe. No matter how much you plan and prepare, renovations can surprise you with all sorts of unforeseen complications and expenses. It’s happened to me and it can happen to you!

When things go off-script, stay patient and focus on the end result. You’re not just renovating your kitchen—you’re transforming your life. Get pumped about your new and improved kitchen experience. This remodel will last you for many years to come and increase the overall value of your home. And don’t forget to document the process. Everyone loves dramatic before-and-after photos!

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